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Jambo Sana Computer Dept

A report on the progress in the computer department as from mid Jan to October 2008. I am glad to inform you that the computer department is running well.


Discipline - Our students are very well behaved either in the compound or outside and thus help them to be respectable people. There are no cases of drop outs in the college neither absenteeism on flimsy ground.

Academic - In general the students are hardworking that is in the class work and are determined to achieve from the teacher. This help them to complete the course in time. On Fridays the students interact with other students from other departments through debating in order to perfect their English grammar which we find helpful to them.

Parents visit the college regularly to check on the performance of their children.

I recommend that the college to buy more computers to cater for many students and also the ones that are there to be serviced regularly to avoid regular breakdown.

Ann Kiambui - Teacher