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08 Jan

Update: Jambo Sana Project

Latest update from Kenya about the ‘Jambo Sana’ project

The FEEDING PROGRAMME is continuing with younger children during school term time. This vital
service improves their concentration in lessons, so helping their studies. Before the programme began,
many children skipped school so they could do menial work to earn enough money to eat.

The VOCATIONAL COURSES with parents and older siblings are also doing well, with new recruits to both the dressmaking and hairdressing courses. These courses are vital in providing young people with the skills they need to earn a living in the future and work their way out of poverty. The first group of students are being registered with the government examinations body shortly.

Another thriving part of the project is the COMPUTER COURSE. Computer literacy is seen as a valuable
skill in Kenya, but one which relatively few have the opportunity to develop. By giving young people basic computer literacy skills, the Jambo Sana project is substantially improving their employment prospects. The Jambo Sana centre also hosts a RECREATION CLUB for jobless graduates, keeping them off the streets by giving them the chance to participate in games and drama.


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Jambo Sana September 2013

"The children aged between 5 and 16 years sang a few songs to us in Swahili although a lot of the kids could speak very good English." Read more

Graduation Day April 2015

"For me it was a glorious day, to see so many people gathered and all the parents and the graduates celebrating made me tearful, I knew for sure their lives will never be the same again.

They can now go and get a job, start a trade and support their families. I was particularly impressed by the two students who made it into the top national schools from the feeding program. Jackson Njuguna went to Nairobi school and is the envy of the entire village. But even more so seeing a girl from the village, Josephine Mumbi who went to Moi School Kamangu. Her speech was full of thanks to Rafiki and Jambo Sana without whom she would not have made it."

John Nyota

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