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11 Jul

Update 2012: Jambo Sana Project

Latest update from Kenya about the ‘Jambo Sana’ project

Jambo Sana began its activities in the year 2006. The first activity was feeding. We had no registration or a centre where we were based. We started by distributing food to village members in various places. We also donated food to other feeding programs in the area. Our main Sponsor was John Nyota.
In the year 2007 we received some donation from Rafiki Trust and John. This enabled us to continue with feeding program and construct a two storey wooden structure. It has five rooms. Downstairs is the office and Electrical class while upstairs is computer class, dress making class, and hair dressing class.


The major activities around Jambo Sana is feeding program. We feed school going children from two schools. We take forty children every year but the number increases depending on the economic situation. Since Jambo Sana is dedicated to eradication poverty and empowering the society we thought if we start some technical courses know as trades, they would help the parents and relatives of the children we feed.
We have four trades taking place. That is: Electrical installation, Dressmaking, Hairdressing, and basic computer application.

It is also our wish to engage the youths around Jambo Sana with activities that are constructive. So we formed a group called Kings and Queens. This name is prophetic. It means God created us to great people and despite the life challenges we still can be kings and queens within our area of jurisdiction and in whatever capacity we are.

The groups activities include: dancing, fun and games, hiking, talents show, Bible quiz, Bible grill, educative motion and talks. An example motion is Sex before marriage is bad; parents are to blame for youth failure or Youths are to blame for their own failure. Then we have proposers and opposors


We have managed to register fifteen students for dressmaking for government exam and they passed. Among those students two have gone to grade two of the same course. We have also managed to assist them some of them get sawing machines.

Some of them as you will watch the video are employed while some are self employed. In the same department we have trained some students who did not register for national exams but only needed the skills. We have also trained thirty students in the dressmaking department. Among them five are working in the local salons around the area.

In the computer department, we have five of them working in Dubai, one working in Kenya for a mobile operator company called Airtel. In the same department, a student working at Kijabe hospital. We also have about five working in the supermarket.

From the feeding program we have managed to have two of them join secondary school as you will watch the video.

We have five students for dressmaking two two of them registered for national exams, Six students in electrical department one of them has already sat for grade two exam and passed, five on them are registered for grade III.

We have ten students in Hairdressing department only one registered for the national exam.
For the computer department, we don’t not register them for government exams. For this course and others who would not want to sit for government exams we offer them internal exams and issue internal certificates.

Basics computer applaication takes only two to three months. For this year we have trained five adults; three of them are over fifty years old and two are beyond thirty years. We have also trained over ten youths.

We would want to feed over five hundred children. As you will watch the video, there are many more who are going hungry in we would want to include them in the program. We would also want to start offering some food to their parents to help them get something for supper. We would also want to give them medical care. It is also our wish to follow them up and offer them secondary school fees.

We want to reach the society through the kings and queens activities. We have a dream of having our own football club. We would want to start our own theatre and music recording studio and a Jambo Sana Choir. This will help tap the talents in youths and nurture them.

We are hoping to organize various indoor competitions. This include indoor games like table tennis, academic competitions that will bring many learners from various institutions to compete on various topics including Bible knowledge.

We also have a dream to take part in checking the global warming through the same group. In fact we have made a tree nursery around Jambo Sana and we are trying to nurture it. This activities will popularize Jambo Sana in Kenya and in the whole world. Some one said, work, work and no play makes Jonny dull boy. Learning and doing constructive things through fun is very important for everyone especially the youths.


For us to be able to achieve all the above, we need a spacious place/piece of land. In this land we need to construct our own structures that will be conducive enough. We need a better kitchen, dinning hall and meeting hall, we need hostels for our students because right now we cant admit students from far.
We also want to offer more advanced courses. This include Information System and Technology, accounting, teaching training for both primary and kindergarten teachers.

Our major aim is to have an institute called Jambo Sana institute offering all learning disciplines and trades. On the same note we have a dream of having a home for the aged and children’s home. Our belief is that even the sky is not the limit since we have people flying in space.

Please extend my love to all Rafiki trust member, all Jambo Sana supporters and well wishers. We appreciate every little thing any one has ever done to enhance Kenyans through Jambo Sana. You have done great things to us and you are all our heroes. You deserve nothing but God’s blessings.

May God bless you mightily.

Yours Faithfully,
Stephen Nyota



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