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14 Nov

Jambo Sana report by Steve Nyota - Nov 2013

Jambo Sana is doing fine and we continue to celebrate the love and kindness extended to us by all of you from UK and other parts of the world.

As you already know, Jambo Sana began its operations since 2006. Our operations gained full momentum in the year 2007 when we opened a dressmaking course and the basic computer applications class. About Six students dress making and six in basic computer applications joined. In the year 2008, we started a hairdressing class. About ten students joined. In the same year, some dressmaking students sat for the national exam. In the year 2009 we started a class in Electrical Installation.

Jambo Sana has five departments all operating under one roof.

  1. The Feeding Programme
  2. The Kings And Queens
  3. The Training Department
  4. Outreach Programmes
  5. Agriculture


This is the oldest department, began in 2006. Each year 40 children from the two schools in the village are selected as those who would benefit most from lunch. Our main target group is the school going children. This is because we know that by helping them while in school, we shall be able to boost their learning morale. The hope is that we can stem the dropouts rates and if they perform well, they will be successful and assist in uplifting the standards in the village.

This admits those who get into early motherhood and youths. The village has high school dropout rates and even those who complete high school score very low grades. The vocational training offered here enables them to gain a second chance in life. By offering some training to parents and youths, in the area they can either look for jobs or start their own businesses. That is why we started this department. One can enrol in dressmaking, hairdressing, basic computer applications, and electrical installation. The most popular ones are hairdressing, basic computer applications. It continues to be an uphill task to convince the youths in the area of need for training. Most would rather have some manual work and earn some quick cash instead of taking a course that will take time and boost their skills for better earning in future.

The greatest asset that Jambo Sana marketing and publicity wing has are those of our students who have gone on to do very well. We have a lady called Wanjiku Mungai who has gone on to set up her own tailoring shop and supplies uniforms to schools. This alumnus is a great advocate of Jambo Sana and it is for such as her that we keep going and persuading the rest that they have a future with us. We are still trying to come up with mechanisms to deal with the challenge.

In a village like Magina, the only place to hang out is in the shopping centre. People of bad character also conglomerate here and the youth are their easiest of prey for drugs and recruitment into other vices. King and Queens forum is Jambo Sana’s response to this. It offers them a safe space to hang out with the right crowd and have fun. This is meant for youths who are in school and those who have completed high school and are waiting to join college. It also caters for those who have completed colleges and universities as they wait to get jobs.

Mike Mwangi, who runs this department, is extremely talented. He is himself a song writer and composer and is invited to many functions to entertain or MC. He has recorded one song which is played in the radio stations and has a repertoire of others that will follow soon.

The objectives of department are:

  1. Occupy the youths in a constructive manner
  2. Help the youths to interact (meet, make new friends and know each other) constructively
  3. Discover nurture and develop youths’ talents.
  4. Use the group to publicise and market Jambo Sana
  5. Develop and mode the youths’ character as morally upright

We have various activities for this group. They meet every Sunday and Saturday to practice. They practice singing dancing, drama, rapping among others. We hold debating, talks and brainstorming on various life issues. There is a group that plays Table tennis. We also have a group that plays football but outside our compound. We always hold a concert and competitions. A major one is held once every three months and minor one after every month.

This department deals with matters within Magina village where Jambo Sana is located. When there is a wedding, burial ceremony or any other community function, we feel that Jambo Sana should be part and parcel. We contribute and also participate. In some cases, the people affected include our own staff, students or even children in the feeding programme.

We are also discovering some students who are struggling in raising their fees and we just intervene. We don’t cater for their whole budget, we just contribute. Some of them are in colleges and universities and may be of great support to Jambo Sana objectives in future. They will contribute positively to our success story.

We are planning to assist 15 high school students especially those that were previously part of our feeding programme and at least five in colleges and universities. The idea is not to carry their whole burden. It is to offer a helping shoulder and that is why we should pick them when they have already joined their learning institutions. One thing that Jambo Sana is careful not to do is to create overdependence from those it assists. At all times, we endeavour to engage with each one of them for a shorter period of time and hope by then they should be able to cater for themselves.

Through the generous gift from MIC last year, we purchased a piece of land where we were aiming to transfer the entire project. Before then, we are using the plot of land for to set up a training in Agriculture for the Jambo Sana trainees. We have started to rear some local livestock. We are hoping that if this succeeds it can be a good place for our students to escape for some days from the village life or even to rehabilitate those who find themselves in bad ways. It can also help us minimise the amount we spend as we can grow crops to cater for feeding program. Currently, we aim to plant maize and beans in this rainy season.

We aspire to:

  1. 1. Give children a better diet
  2. Increase the number to be at least 200 per year as we have about forty currently 
  3. Increase our support to cater for clothes uniforms and even medical needs 
  4. Empower the parents more to help minimise poverty level 
  5. Follow up our children in the feeding programme even when they complete primary school. Those who join high school we can shoulder the burden of fees and other school needs 
  6. Hold social days for the same children 
  7. Construct a dining hall for the children 8. Modernise our kitchen and cooking equipment to minimise the fuel cost


  1. We plan to continue with offering vocational courses. In this regards we plan revive the dressmaking, and electrical next year. In years to come we shall add more.
  2. We plan to upgrade the college to be able to offer certificate, diploma courses in the near future. In future years we want to have Jambo Sana University. 
  3. Register our college with the ministry of higher education 
  4. Buy our own piece of land as where we are is on temporary donation with small appreciation.
  5. Have better and permanent structures as we use semi-permanent. 
  6. Have other facilities that will cater for learning activities in Jambo sana. 
  7. Start a library for the college and the whole society. 8. Pay our staffs better salaries to help them cater for their daily needs comfortably.


  1. Open a music studio to help youths with singing talents record their songs cheaply
  2. Strengthen our own football, and form volley and basketball
  3. Construct our own sport centre
  4. Involve youths in various games and activities and more games both indoor and outdoor.
  5. Construct a bigger hall to cater for many people especially during our monthly concerts


  1. We are planning to our artistic director in various ways:
  2. We are planning to help him train in electrical installation. He will be able to revive the electrical installation course with this knowledge. This will be cheaper as he is already our employee. Since the biggest expense for running a course is salary, we not need to pay him. When the course picks, we can then get another instructor.
  3. We also aspire to take mike to music school. He will learn how to play various music instruments and interpreting a musical piece. This he will use in kings and queens to train the members Others we just give them internal exam if they don’t feel confident enough to sit for national examination.

Some of the things we would need include:

  1. Laptops & desktops. In some cases, crucial parts of a computer can be donated and we assemble them here.
  2. Flash disks, musical instruments like key board. We would also want writing materials like pens. 
  3. We need playing kits, balls. We need Table Tennis balls and bats indoor games equipments. 
  4. Story books and other general reading materials can help. Books with English grammar will be of great help.

Since we know some items are too heavy and bulky for transporting from UK to Kenya. I would suggest that if one feels he wants to donate an item he can send money and recommend what we should buy with the money instead of buying them in UK. This is because the cost of buying and transporting would be more than buying in Kenya. However if there is an item that is not bulky like a flash disk and laptop that one has already and wishes to donate, that will be convenient.

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