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21 May

Jambo Sana report by Steve Nyota - April 2014

The project has been running well despite a few challenges. We have managed to a couple of activities in the month of April such as: marketing, refurbishment and hiring staffs for various departments. We have enrolled new students in all the courses and the enrollment is still going on.

In this department we have 12 students who are coming for the training. We hired one computer tutor to assist in training in this course. However we are faced with challenges of having few computers and few sits. We have one computer only which is working. This has given both tutor and student hard time to learn. The class was well renovated and it is in good condition. We are still enrolling more students in this department and we are targeting to have 25 students by the end of May. We thank you for your facilitation and contributions towards this great achievement.


Hairdressing department is doing extremely well. We have 21 students who are currently enrolled in this training. We hired an instructor who is doing a good work. However we are faced by challenges such as training accessories, sits and machines. This class was renovated and now it is good looking and accommodating students. We are enrolling more students in this department and we are expecting the number to increase by the end of may.


This department is upcoming well. We have 5 students in this department and 3 machines. Our instructor is doing well with this class. This department is mandated to take care of feeding program children school uniform. The process is ongoing and we are almost finishing. we are having challenges all same in terms of space. This class room is small and we need a bigger class to handle this department effectively. We need some additional machines to have pleasing results towards the end of the course. This class was renovated also and it is good looking.

FeedingProg210514FEEDING PROGRAM
This department is going on well. We have 57 children and 1 cook. We had tuition during April holidays and the tune up was over whelming. We provided lunch for them and we had movies for them. Their uniforms are going on well and we expect them to be ready by the end of May. There was a project carried forward from last year.

This project was to be done as a Christmas gift. There has been a concern about that, and the feeling is that we promised and never delivered. We have great support from teachers in both Kago and Magina primary school.

We did marketing in the month of April and the response is really over whelming. We did this in kijabe,kimende, maingi mbau ini, matathia, kingatua, magina and bathi

Thanks for your input in this noble course of rebranding. We managed to do the renovation to the following classes: computer studio, hairdressing and dressmaking classes. We painted the whole building and minor repairs.

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