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25 Jun

Jambo Sana report: Ngegwa Nwangi - June 2014

The two projects are doing well, currently the college has 70 students. The college offers three courses, computer training, dressmaking and hairdressing. The Feeding program is currently feeding 65 pupils from two schools, Magina primary and Kago primary school.

Our renovation phase 3 where we managed to work on the hall, compound, store, toilets and the office was relaunched on 23rd June 2014 at the college grounds. The ceremony was graced by Jambo Sana patron Dr. Rev John Nyota.

Computer Class
This class has 32 students and one tutor, we have 5 functioning computers and 2 laptops. The students are divided into 4 sessions: 8am, 10am, midday and 2pm so that we can handle the students effectively. This class has some challenges in terms of space, we are still enrolling more students and we would wish this class expanded to host many students.

Dressmaking Class
With 9 students and one tutor, we have 4 working sewing machines. The class was tasked with making the school uniforms for the feeding program pupils, however the class is facing challenges with a shortage of machines since this is a practical course and every student needs a machine in order to study effectively.

Hairdressing Class
This class has 29 students and one tutor, we have one blow-dry machine and a dryer. The class is doing well and numbers increase daily, subsequently this class is facing a serious challenge of space since they don't have shifts. We would request for an addition  of a classroom and another tutor to handle new beginners.  

Feeding Program
This department is facing some challenges in terms of it’s kitchen. We would love to build a modern kitchen in order to save fuel and time used in making the meals, a new kitchen will save up to 70% on fuel. There is also a need to review the diet since they presently only eat ugali and githeri, we would suggest to have rice added to the diet.

The college relaunch was awesome and attended by over 300 people, pupils were given school uniforms (made by the dressmaking class) and shoes. Parents are delighted with the help Jambo Sana is giving their children especially the uniform and lunch.

There is a great proposal from the institution to make extra funds and start the production of units within the centre. The dressmaking department aims to make school uniforms for primary and secondary schools around the area. Whilst the Hairdressing department wish to start a salon and a cosmetics shop so that customers who want their hair done will
also be able to buy the accessories from the shop.

It is in this regard we are looking into our previous request on purchasing a parcel of land to Magina to construct this production unit.

We continue to celebrate the love and kindness extended to us by all of you from UK and other parts of the world. Thanks for your support and God bless you.


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